Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dream interpretation Example

Example: Say you had a rather emotional and long dream in which you where trying to find a guy friend of yours. You urgently kept trying to date the guy but you couldn't make it happen because you kept hanging with a specific female friend of yours. You hang with this girl in your childhood home. You are wearing heavy winter clothes for some reason.

You wake up wondering why you want to date that guy who in real life you admire but don't feel that way about. Also you hardly know that girl why is she in your dreams? And you didn't ever hang out with her in that place. Instead of just getting stuck on that you do the dream interpretation steps.

Interpretation Steps: 
First the guy represents to you hard work and doing the right thing because that's the impression he made on you in real life.

You look up words related to dating and the definition points out that at it's core it's basically just becoming intimate, getting to know, getting closer to someone.

So the dream shows that you want to get to know that part of yourself better, spend quality time working hard.

The girl is a person you knew briefly awhile ago. She only ever wanted to complain and blame others. She is overweight now.

People often represent parts of ourselves. You realize that this guy represents a part of yourself that has those hardworking qualities. And the girl represents the part of you who doesn't take responsibility. Also the girl ending up not going anywhere in life and her memory jogs an emotional response that makes you want to not end up with out purpose and bitter.

The Location is the situation and you realize that that particular childhood home was when you went through so much stress that you started checking out in life. When you lost motivation.

You remember that you have been going through stress this past week and that you have been spending too much time watching TV and saying hurtful things about other people. You have been feeling tired and weak as a result.

The winter clothes don't make sense until you remember the times in your past when you liked winter clothes because it made everyone look fat and you could cover up and not feel so self conscious about your body. So the winter clothes point out the fact that you are hiding in that old identity issue. Think of it clothes are so often and identity we put on that also physically shields us from our surroundings. It literally hide who we are. Or they can show who we are all depends.

So when you look at it the dream is a powerful and emotional reminder to workout and take care of yourself and not blame others for taking all your time. It shows you you are still dealing with the old body Identity issue. You recognize for the first time that this is a cycle you go through but now you are aware of it. Overall it is a very encouraging dream.

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