Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Core Keys to Dream Interpretation

People wonder why understanding dreams has to be so difficult and strange. But Images and Visions are God's First language. 

Think of it. God sculpts Movies for us in our sleep to communicate deep often inexpressible truths. He will speak to us simply when he needs to but as you learn to understand the language of dreams you will come to understand God better. Just as you would spending time with any person. 

If you want a kid to learn a language you speak the language to the kid and expect the kid to learn. So God speaks to us in his language and it's hard work to learn it but it get's easier and faster as you practice, just like with any other language. 

Also as you honor and pay attention to your dreams you will be surprised to find you remembering more of them. 

Always start by asking the Spirit of Wisdom to guide you. 

Always remember that 95% of the time all the symbols are personal. Ie about you and not about other people or things UNLESS you regularly intercede for or pour into the person or thing the symbol is about.

Dream symbols are almost entirely metaphorical yet it always makes sense. Like how a movie has symbols that reflect the theme or moral. Sometimes they represent what they actually are but in general really work to think of them as metaphorical representations, as analogies not literal. 

The right dream symbol will work on multiple levels when you think about it. Example. My cat in my dreams represents "creature comforts" because all she does is lie around and when I pet her I'm usually just comfortable too. So she as a symbol works on multiple levels. 

A quick way to get at the meaning of symbols is describe the object or person in 3-4 top of your head uninhibited adjectives. You'll quickly see what that represents to you.

If it's not a personal symbol ask the spirit of wisdom to help and look it up in an online dictionary or bible gateway (amplified Bible or other translations) and quickly scan through the results. The spirit of wisdom will highlight meanings to you.

The correct meaning often reflects other meanings and symbols in the dream. 

What were you trying to accomplish in the dream will help you know very quickly what the dream was about. Even if the dream is just you watching "you are trying to understand."

Describe the dream using all the meanings in place of the symbols and what your goal was in the dream and you will quickly have it's core meaning. 

And a last vital question is what has been on your heart this week, particularly when you where falling asleep. Dreams answer current questions so context is everything.

Despite the length of the dream try to come up with the most basic simple interpretation possible. One or three sentences to describe the core. What it's trying to tell you. That will guide you to the meaning in the fastest route and keep you from being overwhelmed by all the symbols.

My Dream Questionnaire helps even more.

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