Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Core Keys to Dream Interpretation

People wonder why understanding dreams has to be so difficult and strange. But Images and Visions are God's First language. 

Think of it. God sculpts Movies for us in our sleep to communicate deep often inexpressible truths. He will speak to us simply when he needs to but as you learn to understand the language of dreams you will come to understand God better. Just as you would spending time with any person. 

If you want a kid to learn a language you speak the language to the kid and expect the kid to learn. So God speaks to us in his language and it's hard work to learn it but it get's easier and faster as you practice, just like with any other language. 

Also as you honor and pay attention to your dreams you will be surprised to find you remembering more of them. 

Always start by asking the Spirit of Wisdom to guide you. 

Always remember that 95% of the time all the symbols are personal. Ie about you and not about other people or things UNLESS you regularly intercede for or pour into the person or thing the symbol is about.

Dream symbols are almost entirely metaphorical yet it always makes sense. Like how a movie has symbols that reflect the theme or moral. Sometimes they represent what they actually are but in general really work to think of them as metaphorical representations, as analogies not literal. 

The right dream symbol will work on multiple levels when you think about it. Example. My cat in my dreams represents "creature comforts" because all she does is lie around and when I pet her I'm usually just comfortable too. So she as a symbol works on multiple levels. 

A quick way to get at the meaning of symbols is describe the object or person in 3-4 top of your head uninhibited adjectives. You'll quickly see what that represents to you.

If it's not a personal symbol ask the spirit of wisdom to help and look it up in an online dictionary or bible gateway (amplified Bible or other translations) and quickly scan through the results. The spirit of wisdom will highlight meanings to you.

The correct meaning often reflects other meanings and symbols in the dream. 

What were you trying to accomplish in the dream will help you know very quickly what the dream was about. Even if the dream is just you watching "you are trying to understand."

Describe the dream using all the meanings in place of the symbols and what your goal was in the dream and you will quickly have it's core meaning. 

And a last vital question is what has been on your heart this week, particularly when you where falling asleep. Dreams answer current questions so context is everything.

Despite the length of the dream try to come up with the most basic simple interpretation possible. One or three sentences to describe the core. What it's trying to tell you. That will guide you to the meaning in the fastest route and keep you from being overwhelmed by all the symbols.

My Dream Questionnaire helps even more.

Basic Dream Symbol Categories

All symbols can be personal or objective. If you can't quickly think of a personal meaning figure out the objective meaning. 

Locations and landmasses either represent the location itself or a situation, area, or time in your life. The Setting. What do you do in that setting? What metaphorical analogies? Kitchen - eat - nourish yourself.

People represent a sentient being. They either represent the person themselves (as they relate to you) OR a conscious or unconscious parts of yourself. Good or dark or wounded parts of yourself. OR a spiritual being, God, angels/ministering spirits(often they are just a good spirit with a specific task and are sometimes named by their purpose like speed), dark spirits, the enemy etc.

Any kind of Role, Relationship, Sex, Intimacy - could be literal or metaphorical. It's about your role and goal and relation to the other person. What is other other persons intention towards you? What's your intention towards that person? Could be towards yourself or someone else.

Animals often represent pure emotions or drives. Semi-sentient and active. Finite forces of nature. Like say the desire to find food or be comfortable. OR if they are a personal animal they can represent whatever that animal represents to you. OR sometimes they can represent dark spirits or influences or dark animalistic parts of yourself that are influencing you.

Vehicles represent what they do and how they do it. Think of how many people can be in it. How fast etc. Walking, flying and running are in this category, Its all about how you get around. If it;s just you or say a bike it could just be about you but vehicles that can move others could be pointing to a situation involving more than just yourself.

Body parts - think of what that part does and what they represents. Like teeth chew and break nutrients down so they could represent your ability to do that. Or to smile etc.

Objects - think of the technical and raw purpose of the object and how it can be metaphorical.

Plants - like objects but they are alive and non-sentient. They just exist but have purpose and grow.

Colors - what do those colors associate with you? Look up the meanings. What objects have that color. - Light illuminates so colors often modify or expand on a symbol.

Light/ color quality of the dream - It's source. Grays or real life colors often represent the Soul. Bring Vibrant colors from God, life source. Dark moody colors, from the enemy, darkness outside or from within.

Numbers - Look up number metaphor dictionaries that you relate to. Say you are a math junkie and math history means something to you. You could start there.

Motivations or Actions in the dream show you what it's all about.

Situations - think of the metaphorical representation. Does it relate to how you feel something that is going on this week?

Dream Questionnaire - Copy/Paste

Dream Questionnaire:
Basic Themes:

Full Description:

Couple sentence summary:

What was the Source? (God, My Soul, Darkness or a combo):

What basic type of dream was it? (status of the soul, nightmare, cleansing etc):

What's happening in my life right now that may be connected to the dream?

What was I praying for or thinking about in the last day?

Have I been interceding for any of the people or subjects in the dream?

Dream through line
Main element or focus of the dream?

Was I a participant or observer? (Be Detailed)

What was my Goal? What was I doing or trying to do?

Have I had a dream with a similar theme? When? What are the differences this time?

Specific Symbols
What colors were in the dream? Was the dream monochromatic? Dark? Black and white? Bright? High Saturated, Colorful? Normal real life colors?

Where was the dream Located
What do those locations mean to me subjectively or objectively (in the bible or dictionaries)?

Who was in my dream
Describe each of those people in 3 or 4 adjectives. Or what does that person mean abstractly to me?

What vehicles or modes of transportation were in the dream? Walking? Riding? Flying?
What do those mean to me subjectively or objectively (in the bible or dictionaries)?

What other Major symbols were in my dream
What do they mean subjectively or objectively (in the bible or dictionaries)?

Do I have an intercessory burden for any of the people, places or elements in my dream? If so what is the burden?

What is the main basic message of the dream?

What is my response to this Dream? What should I do about it? (Focus on the theme in my next prayer time, obey a direction in the dream, let go of something, simply be grateful that I was cleansed of something etc)

Dream interpretation Example

Example: Say you had a rather emotional and long dream in which you where trying to find a guy friend of yours. You urgently kept trying to date the guy but you couldn't make it happen because you kept hanging with a specific female friend of yours. You hang with this girl in your childhood home. You are wearing heavy winter clothes for some reason.

You wake up wondering why you want to date that guy who in real life you admire but don't feel that way about. Also you hardly know that girl why is she in your dreams? And you didn't ever hang out with her in that place. Instead of just getting stuck on that you do the dream interpretation steps.

Interpretation Steps: 
First the guy represents to you hard work and doing the right thing because that's the impression he made on you in real life.

You look up words related to dating and the definition points out that at it's core it's basically just becoming intimate, getting to know, getting closer to someone.

So the dream shows that you want to get to know that part of yourself better, spend quality time working hard.

The girl is a person you knew briefly awhile ago. She only ever wanted to complain and blame others. She is overweight now.

People often represent parts of ourselves. You realize that this guy represents a part of yourself that has those hardworking qualities. And the girl represents the part of you who doesn't take responsibility. Also the girl ending up not going anywhere in life and her memory jogs an emotional response that makes you want to not end up with out purpose and bitter.

The Location is the situation and you realize that that particular childhood home was when you went through so much stress that you started checking out in life. When you lost motivation.

You remember that you have been going through stress this past week and that you have been spending too much time watching TV and saying hurtful things about other people. You have been feeling tired and weak as a result.

The winter clothes don't make sense until you remember the times in your past when you liked winter clothes because it made everyone look fat and you could cover up and not feel so self conscious about your body. So the winter clothes point out the fact that you are hiding in that old identity issue. Think of it clothes are so often and identity we put on that also physically shields us from our surroundings. It literally hide who we are. Or they can show who we are all depends.

So when you look at it the dream is a powerful and emotional reminder to workout and take care of yourself and not blame others for taking all your time. It shows you you are still dealing with the old body Identity issue. You recognize for the first time that this is a cycle you go through but now you are aware of it. Overall it is a very encouraging dream.

Dream Interpretation Resources

If you are very interested in understanding your dreams on a daily basis here are some powerful resources.
Read First 
Dream Language: The Prophetic Power of Dreams, Revelations, and the Spirit of Wisdom by James W. Goll 
- How to tap into the wisdom that allows you to understand dreams and visions and life in general.

Katie Souzas teachings called interpreting dreams and visions for your soul. 
- SO USEFUL and mind Blowing!!! The power of dreams and how normal people can interpret them. And how they can change your life practically.

Then Read
Dream Encounters: Seeing Your Destiny from God's Perspective by Barbie Breathitt 
- How to really understand dream language at it's core.

 Ira Milligan's Dream Books 
- Great for more complex or abstract symbols like numbers.

EveryDay Resources:

The Bible Gateway (amplified has the most words so yields the most results)

Monday, March 9, 2015

Introduction to Idols

First off, Idols are very destructive but it’s important not to get too hyped up about them. 

Don’t Idolize Idols. 

Jesus is more powerful and the steps to becoming free from them may be difficult because they are so addicting but there is so much grace and it’s worth it. I’ll go into getting rid of the more in the end.

I’m all about simplifying matters. 

Idols cause all sort of problems. It can be overwhelming. It’s like trying to bail out the water of a leaking boat instead of patching the hole. 

SO You can try and deal with all the problems…
Just simply recognize the idol and take steps to remove it. 

I have found the problems caused by the Idols often disappear when the idol is fully laid before God. Laying an Idol before God can be very tough BUT it’s SO MUCH EASIER than trying to just deal with the symptoms so it’s worth it. 

Journal as You Go

The first powerful step to getting rid on an Idol is to recognize it and how it is hurting you. As you read, I have questions to help you identify Idols. I suggest you take time with each question and answer them to the best of your ability. You can think of multiple idols or focus on one at a time. 

Everyone has Idols.

Lots of them and it’s so easy to get them. BUT there is no shame or condemnation. We are all in this together. 

Humans are wired to worship and depend upon a god.

If the god isn’t the actual creator of the Universe then it will be something else. Every person no matter what belief they have, worships gods. Even an atheist puts their faith in the gods of time, chance, mutations and survival. 

What are Idols?

Humans have had Idols for our entire history. They aren’t just statues, they are things like entertainment, wealth, a job, a significant others, gods from organized religions etc.

Idols can be something we Love or Hate.

It’s very important to remember that you may idolize things you absolutely despise. 

Idols are anything that we turn to instead of God. 

It’s so easy to get Idols. You have a need, and you don’t know your creator well enough to know how to get that need meet by God and there are things that are just easier and Quicker.  It’s when some good thing God created becomes higher in our hearts than the creator himself. An idol is something that you worship, focus and meditate on and trust in more than God.

NOT everything we turn to is an idol. 

EXAMPLE: We go eat food when we are hungry instead of expecting some magic food to appear from God. Or we receive love from other people instead of directly from God. Those things are not idols in and of themselves. They only become idols when we make them into one. When we forget that God created this world and every good thing comes from him. That doesn’t have to be a religious constant thought. It’s just an understanding that is in our heart.

Idols actually give us something but it’s never enough.

Why do we have Idols? 

Idols do in fact give us something or we would never have idolize them in the first place. They provide a service. No one would get addicted to an Idol if it didn't actually help to some degree. 

BUT they also cause a lack AND dependance by never fulfilling the need completely. 
See the next post How Idols affect us and how to Recognize them

A way to recognize an idol: is you find yourself constantly turing to something. It makes you feel good, gives you a sense of accomplishment and momentary peace. THEN soon after you feel empty and unsatiated. So you get stuck in a vicious cycle where you have to come back again and again and It’s never enough.

Example: a person has the Idol of self image. The idol gives them motivation to work out and eat healthy. BUT it also causes binge eating and depression because the standard to too high to actually be met. And so we see the endless cycle of hope and despair driven by an obsession with the idol induced image. 

Check List: Do you recognize idols in your life just based on this description? List them in your journal.

Move on to How Idols affect us and How to Recognize them.

How Idols affect us and How to Recognize them

First Read the Introduction to Idols

Journal as You Go
The first powerful step to getting rid on an Idol is to recognize it and how it is hurting you. As you read, I have questions to help you identify Idols. I suggest you take time with each question and answer them to the best of your ability. You can think of multiple idols or focus on one at a time. 

Idols Control Our Emotions
Idols create an Emotional Roller Coaster
When idols don't meet our expectations we experience volatile emotions. Idols often lead to a roller coaster rides of extreme hope and extreme despair. This is because they cause us to hope and work for something. We get a taste. THEN it isn’t enough or it slips from our grasp and the void deeply effects us because we have expectations so high the only Being that can handle them is God himself. 

Example: A classic example of this is codependency in relationships. When each person places huge expectations and hopes and try and draw life from the other moral only to be inevitably disappointed. 

Check In: Do you notice some things in your life that cause that cycle. It can be people, or things or activities or Goals. But the defining factor is the high hope then crushing disappointment. What would it look like if the highs an lows weren’t connected to something and instead you had peace and joy despite the circumstances?

Feeling of failure, punishment and deep regret
When the idol is not obtained or achieved the effect is a feeling of failure. Sometimes you feel punished or you punish yourself for not getting it. You feel like you didn’t do well enough or you didn’t deserve it. God doesn’t punish us when we don’t do this or that but Idols do.

Example:  A person idolizes their car. They are driving perfectly safe but are in an accident and the car is totaled. The person has so much regret and hatred towards themselves for “letting” that happen. 

Check In: Do you notice times when you lost something or someone, or didn’t meet a certain goal etc and you found yourself beating yourself up because of it. You cannot forgive yourself or let it go? List this things. What would it look like if you didn’t have that regret, or feeling of failure or punishment and you had the feeling of acceptance, security and unceasing forgiveness instead?

Idols Cause Envy
Idols are like salt water. The more you drink the more dehydrated you get. Idols create more and more need. The result it jealousness, coveting and constant comparison and the feeling of always being in lack.

Example: Someone idolizes clothes. They have a huge wardrobe but they can’t help but always wish they had more. They wish they could have other peoples clothes too or afford where they shop. Whenever someone is around them with better or newer clothes they can’t help but compare and wish. It’s never enough. 

Check In:

Stress, And lack of Peace
Idols INTENTIONALLY take peace away from us. It’s one of the biggest way you can recognize if something is an idol or not. Idols are destructive so they cannot give peace and their intention is to destroy so the stress of not having them or meeting there demands will always be felt, however slight. 

Example: a person idolizes their Job. They are doing well and are respected but they always feel anxious and afraid they will lose the job. 

Check In: What in your life constantly causes you stress when you don’t have it or take care of it properly. You want it and value it yet it takes your peace and gives you stress. Write down those things? What would it look like if you didn’t have that stress and you had peace instead?

Idols are Controlling and take from us

The Cost of what Idols give us is high
give us something but the price is varying degrees of destruction


Check In: 

Idols demand Money, Time and Resources 
Another way to recognize an idol is to notice what you would willingly give money time and resources to without thinking I does require times require our money and so when we idolize them we give them money without thinking 
Mimiking tieth 


Check In: What do you give money to without thinking that may not be so healthy or may be compulsive? What will you give time and energy to without a hesitation when other things you would never go out of your way for? List those things.

Idols cause compulsive often repetitive actions
Idols demand worship. So each idol has some sort of accompanying action that is very hard to resist when one has the idol. 

Example:  A person has materialism as an idol so they find themselves constantly shopping and reading about things to buy. 

When you find yourself composed to do a repetitive action it can often be because of an ido


Check In: 
Does the suspected idol cause compulsive action that is more or less destructive and you can't seem to stop?

Obsessive thinking
And idol is often something that you think of first in your morning. Idols are often something you start obsessing about when you wake up. 

God is something that you often think of

Idols are something that you obsess over for a lot of the daywhen you find yourself obsessing over something it could be an idol


Check In: Do you find yourself thinking of something first thing most mornings, more than is healthy? Do you find yourself obsessing over something during the day?

Idols are often something you think of first thing in the morning

 control us by fear
You can recognize when something has become an idol because the thought of letting go of it or a good feeling you creates fear often intense and even crippling fear
But idols do that cycle so that they can control
No matter how awesome and idol is it is never worth holding onto because of the deficit it creates in the destruction yields to our soul


Check In:

Idols Block us receiving from God

Idols block God's blessing 
in our lives


Check In:

Idols block our ability to hear God clearly
Idols create noise in our head they talk to us they have opinions that they put in our mind
the more idols you get rid of the clearer your mind will be
Idols are particularly vicious because they can sounds like God in our minds and can miss direct us

Another way to recognize an idol is when you're praying for something and you hear you think you hear gods voice


Check In:
are there times you couldn't tell if you heard GOd clearly? Could you have an idol in that area that may make you hear different?

Idols Dictate our Identity
You are what you worship
Idols Dictate our value
We are meant to get our self value from God. God values us without us doing anything. When we are in a healthy relationship with God we know that 


Check In:

We become like the idol
Image of the Idol
When we worship and think and obsess over in idol the image of that idol gets burned on our soul
So we started becoming more and more like that idol and our identity gets lost in it

Another big way to recognize an idol is by what you have a strong identity in

Not everything that you identify with is bad but when it becomes a core part of your identity and you become very insecure when that part of your identity is poked at it could very likely be because of an idol

 And I don't can be anything it can be a person of thing a concept an ideal it can be something good or it could be something that you hate
You do not have to love and idle for it to be one and I don't can be something you hate


Check In:

Why Idols are so Bad

“Have no other God before you” is the First of the ten commandments for a reason. 

Yeah they cause SO many problems. It is NEVER WORTH Tolerating Idols for a moment. 

Move on to How To get Rid of idols