Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dream Questionnaire - Copy/Paste

Dream Questionnaire:
Basic Themes:

Full Description:

Couple sentence summary:

What was the Source? (God, My Soul, Darkness or a combo):

What basic type of dream was it? (status of the soul, nightmare, cleansing etc):

What's happening in my life right now that may be connected to the dream?

What was I praying for or thinking about in the last day?

Have I been interceding for any of the people or subjects in the dream?

Dream through line
Main element or focus of the dream?

Was I a participant or observer? (Be Detailed)

What was my Goal? What was I doing or trying to do?

Have I had a dream with a similar theme? When? What are the differences this time?

Specific Symbols
What colors were in the dream? Was the dream monochromatic? Dark? Black and white? Bright? High Saturated, Colorful? Normal real life colors?

Where was the dream Located
What do those locations mean to me subjectively or objectively (in the bible or dictionaries)?

Who was in my dream
Describe each of those people in 3 or 4 adjectives. Or what does that person mean abstractly to me?

What vehicles or modes of transportation were in the dream? Walking? Riding? Flying?
What do those mean to me subjectively or objectively (in the bible or dictionaries)?

What other Major symbols were in my dream
What do they mean subjectively or objectively (in the bible or dictionaries)?

Do I have an intercessory burden for any of the people, places or elements in my dream? If so what is the burden?

What is the main basic message of the dream?

What is my response to this Dream? What should I do about it? (Focus on the theme in my next prayer time, obey a direction in the dream, let go of something, simply be grateful that I was cleansed of something etc)

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