Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Expand Your Horizons

This Post is about where I am coming from.

I hope that anyone coming from any perspective can appreciate what I am sharing. The following is just to get us all on the same page despite out differences. 

Subjective Understanding 
Each human has their own experiences and limited yet unique perspective. We all bring our own impressions and observations when we are seeking higher truth. We are all influenced by our specific environments. 

We are ALL Subjective. 

Even though I have my own inevitably subjective view of the world I have endeavored to see all perspectives yet I am still coming from my own experiences and what I know has worked for me. So I ask first and foremost that you take in everything that I say with that in mind. 

Beyond our Understanding
Also much that I touch on is dealing with things outside of this dimension.

There is still so much I don’t understand, That I don’t think anyone will ever be able to understand.

Simply put we are 4 dimensional (space-time) beings and we can only partly understand things beyond our dimension. 

Let’s say you are looking at a photo of a location. 
It’s a 2D, still representation of a 3D place. A place that also changes with time. You can gather a lot of information from your photo but you must infer the rest. You must guess at the sounds, what is beyond the frame, What objects look like from different angles. If you are lucky you have multiple shots of different angles and even shots over time. But still you are processing information about something in a higher dimension through the limitations of a lower dimension. 

We can glimpse at concepts outside our dimension but we can’t fully comprehend their true nature until we are free of the limitations of this dimension. 

I seek to understand what’s out there but I have also found peace with my limitations. 

I ask that you take my observations with the understanding that I am a single finite being, reaching into the vast depths of wisdom and attempting to translate that wisdom into practical things we can do to experience life more fully. 

I ask that you do not check out when you detect my limitations. It’s because you may see an angle I cannot. I simply ask that you take in what is good and what rings in your spirit as valuable. I also ask that you don’t just disregard things you don’t get and allow what I share to challenge your understanding. 

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