Thursday, January 29, 2015

Redeeming Love

I just finished Redeeming Love and I have to say it's now one of my favorite books and one of the only works of fiction that made me good cry or cry at all for that matter.

I loved how it really showed how a person overcomes their tormenting past through encounters with God and his love.

What really sunk into me is how I need to make Jesus bigger in my life and how freeing humility is. Pride is a cruel master. I want to continually lay down my heart at the feet of Jesus so I can tap into his strength and power. And So I can experience freedom to live my life to the fullest and walk out my dreams without the crushing weight of having to be god for myself.

Also the Hymn Rock of Ages which is featured in this book sings of Dunamis Sozo.
Particularly this line:
"Be of sin the double cure,
Cleanse me from its guilt and power."
We must become free of the Guilt of Sin by Repenting at the Cross THEN we must become free from the EFFECTS of the sin by stepping into healing and freedom by tapping into the power of the resurrection available while we encounter Jesus personally as a loving person. 
(See the Wiki Commentary on the Lyrics.) 

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